The Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS) is a major activity Centre of National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA). Abuja. It is charged with the responsibility of conducting fundamental research in Space Science as well as coordinating such research activities in our Universities and Research Institutes. As an Inter-University Research Institute, CBSS promotes the open use of facilities among researchers throughout the Country as well as encouraging international cooperation.

Astronomy is the oldest and active science in which human beings are anxious to understand the origin and existence of man in the universe. One of the major problems of Nigeria and other African countries is their inability to participate and contribute to the global development of Space Science and Technology. It has just been recently realized that African countries are just consumers of space technology products resulting from fundamental discoveries by advanced countries. It was also realized that until recently government has never addressed this problem. Such research was carried out through individual efforts in some Universities without any coordination and serious funding. As a result, such fundamental projects were usually abandoned by researchers as a result of lack of funding. Even today it is still difficult for government to fund fundamental research adequately. To them, they would want to invest only on projects that have immediate economic benefits. Unfortunately, basic research in most cases do not appear to have obvious economic benefit. Discoveries occur by chance with numerous spin off and applications. Being able to convince the Nigerian policy makers on the importance of participating in fundamental research marks the beginning of African renaissance which has been non-existent.

CBSS has sufficiently addressed this issue and made tremendous progress over the past four years of its establishment. These achievements will be listed below and with increased funding, there is every hope that in few years time Nigerians new dream in Space Science will become a reality.

Our Mandate

The Centre for Basic Space Science (CBSS) which is one of the activity Centres of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) of Nigeria is engaged in the Studies, Research and Development in:
A. Basic Space Science, which comprises:
(i) Astronomy and Astrophysics
(ii) Space weather
(iii) Solar Terrestrial Physics
(iv) Cosmology and Origin of Life
(v) Atmospheric Physics and Geomagnetism
(vi) Rocketry & Satellite Science & Technology

  1. B. Design and fabrication of Basic Space Research Instruments such as Telescopes, Mirror Systems, Antennas, Sensors, Payload Systems, appropriate Software, etc.